Monkey the reasons

Why Choose Monkey Cable?

The simple answer, our cables are great!

Firstly, Monkey ONLY specialises in making high class Audio and Audio-Visual Cables. We do not make or sell anything else. So whatever your requirement, whichever Series of Monkey Cable suits your needs, rest assured your Audio or AV experience will be as pure as your equipment can deliver.

We know and understand the pleasure our customers take from their HiFi and Home Entertainment systems and the satisfaction in getting the best from their equipment. It is with this passion that we have developed the Monkey Cable brand to deliver not only great cables but also great value.

For Great Music

Our audio interconnects and speaker cables go through rigorous testing both scientifically using the most advanced test equipment to gauge electrical characteristics and on an every growing list of test systems, with this wealth of information we have developed our product lines and continue to extend our range and introduce improvement. When you choose Monkey Cable you have peace of mind that our engineers have been dedicated to creating the best product for you.

For Great Movies

Monkey Cable is an official HDMI Associate, that means all our cables are tested and approved by HDMI Licensing, LLC

Concept – Excellent for today's latest TV equipment delivering both purity and balance with affordability. As with all the HDMI Interconnects we have ever made it is Certified High Speed, in other words Full HD 1080P with Deep Colour. An excellent cable to enhance your Blu-ray and HD DVD experience. › read more

Clarity – Stunning images and clarity of sound for today and tomorrows TV equipment. Supports faster 120Hz refresh rates and extended x.v.Colour for enhanced Xbox and PS3 gaming experience. Recommended for serious gamers and the next generation of TV screens supporting resolutions up to 2160P. › read more

Connoisseur – All the above and more. The Connoisseur is unsurpassed in both performance and style. For those who must have the best, delivering brilliant images and sound to the largest screens up to 100 inch and 2160P, when technology catches up that is. This is Perfection! › read more

Our Monkey Guarantee

Durability and lasting performance is key to our products and that’s why they all come with a special guarantee.

Connoisseur series is covered by a 5 years quarantee.

Concept and Clarty are covered by a 2 years quarantee.

The life of a cable can be quite an arduous one, stuffed behind a TV or under it, bent this way or that for years on end. That’s why we ensure all our cables go through strict elongation and tensile strain testing both before and after aging to ensure they stand up to the test of time.