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About Us

A cable made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

The Monkey Cable was founded by George Parnell in Hampshire (United Kingdom) in 2010. The Brand was established with a specific purpose - to simplify consumer choice. The three ranges we provide offer inherent excellence in build quality and design and we think they are a stylish and attractively priced option in today’s overcrowded marketplace.

No matter what your requirement, with our Concept, Clarity and Connoisseur ranges we have a portfolio that will exceed your expectations, by delivering the very best performance available in the market at a price appropriate for your budget.

No matter which series is best for your needs, there are specific criteria common across all our products that are synonymous with the Monkey Cable brand:

  • Our commitment to only use the very best materials available
  • Our precision engineering techniques
  • Our innovative design
  • Our undertaking to provide great value for money

Three Great Series to exceed your expectations and maximise your enjoyment of your favourite music and movies!

Connoisseur Series

The Connoisseur - the ultimate in design and engineering. Lavishly created with our advanced manufacturing techniques and over specified materials. Designed specifically for high-end audio and AV equipment. For those amongst us that live by the rule, “Only the best will do”, even in today’s credit-crunched marketplace... › Read more about Connoisseur Cables

Clarity Series

The Clarity - for those who want something very special. Our engineers task when we commissioned the Clarity Series was simple, to produce the best cable in its class. As always we've selected the best materials and engineered them through a process of tests to produce what we believe to be the optimum specification for performance in its class. The result is the stunning Clarity... › Read more about Clarity Cables

Concept Series

The Concept, - to bring excellence and affordability under one product range. Monkey Cable has developed the Concept Series to set new standards in the high end affordable cable market. Designed to meet the critical standards imposed by audiophile and enthusiasts the World over the Concept Series does not compromise. The bar has been raised... › Read more about Concept Cables

Coming Soon to Monkey Cable

Due to our commitment to simplify consumer choice and our endeavour to combine excellence with value for money we are proud to announce the extension to our Concept, Clarity and Connoisseur Series across existing product lines and the following new lines;

  • Wireless HDMI
  • HDMI Splitters and Switches
  • Power Cables

Watch this space!