Monkey cable Clarity Optical Digital Interconnect

Clarity Optical Digital Interconnect

Connects your CD or DVD Player to your AV Amplifier or Receiver

Clarity Optical Digital Interconnect has been built to the highest quality and design. One of the main causes of signal loss and cable damage with optical cables is at the connector. We therefore use a metal connector rather than plastic for more exact contact to avoid divergence losses and provide for a more durable cable and extended lifespan.
As well as its robust qualities the Clarity Optical will provide plenty of punch and excellent dynamics to your equipment.


Main Features

  • Precision metal connector for more robust and exact contact
  • PMMA acrylic fiber conductor
  • 24K gold plated Toslink connectors
  • Durable polished finish metal plugs
  • Flexible Triple protected core

Available in 1.0m length

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Available UK and Worldwide