Monkey cable Clarity Diamondback Speaker

Clarity Diamondback Speaker

Available with Monkey screw-lock banana plugs

Clarity Diamondback Speaker Cable has been specifically designed with mid to high end systems in mind. Utilising the highest grade silver plated copper available in the World and the same compact ultra fine silver plated triple weave technology as our Silverback but with one difference. We made it Bigger! Tightening the weave at all three stages of manufacture significantly increases the amount of copper in the conductor resulting in a heavier thicker cable of fine silver plated weave which will satisfy the most demanding of systems.

Unblock your ears and listen!


Main Features

  • Silver Plated 99.999% OFC
  • Compact Ultra Fine Triple Weave Braiding
  • 2x 5mm figure 8 easy strip design
  • Available with Monkey screw-lock banana plugs

Available in 100m reels and now 3m and 6m terminated pairs

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Available UK and Worldwide